SCUF ELITE Custom Controller


About Features

  • Shell
  • Buttons
  • Thumbsticks
  • Rings
  • D-Pad
  • Paddle Control System
  • Grip

About Shell Design

SCUF Innovation and Customization for Xbox Elite Wireless Controller.

Key areas of customization include:

  • SCUF ELITE Custom Shell Designs
  • SCUF ELITE Paddle Control System
  • SCUF ELITE Directional Bias Dpad
  • SCUF ELITE Precision Thumbsticks
  • SCUF ELITE Pro Grip Handles
  • Custom Volcano Ring Colors

Please Note: Colors and designs may have slight differences due to the production process.

About Color Kit

Add another layer of customization to your handcrafted SCUF controller with our custom button and trim kits.

Please Note: Design/pattern may not look exact to photo as seen on website due to a number of reasons, including: variation of the positioning of the repetitive patterns of hydro-dipping, small variations in positioning of water decal, computer screen calibration and reflection of colors under different lights.

About Thumbsticks

SCUF ELITE Precision Thumbsticks are available in 3 height options: Regular, Medium, and Long; and 2 shape options: Domed and Concave.

  • Improve precision and accuracy
  • Length and shape cater to different hand sizes
  • Military grade grip for increased comfort and durability
  • Magnetic technology for easy changing of thumbsticks

Volcano Rings

Volcano Rings provide an additional customization and color option to your custom SCUF ELITE Xbox Wireless Controller.

About Dpad Options

The SCUF ELITE Directional Bias D-pad covers the dpad with a removable tilted D-pad which allows access to a single direction bias quicker.

  • Reduced distance when alternating from the thumbstick to Dpad
  • The angle helps the gamer focus on the direction of the D-pad bias
  • Adjustable to all 4 positions
  • Magnetic technology for easy position changes

About the SCUF ELITE Paddle Control System

SCUF paddles are positioned for optimal ergonomic performance, using crossover paddle control system. Paddles mimic any face button, allowing thumbs to remain on the thumbsticks - shortening response time between actions

Modular and customizable, choose from 0 to 4 paddles, to utilize more of your hand in game.

About the SCUF ELITE Pro Grip Handles

  • Contoured to fit your hands
  • Military grade material for improved grip

Product Details

SCUF innovation and customization for the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller.

The SCUF ELITE customization program offers a full range of unique designs and color treatments, including faceplate, buttons, trim and numerous accessories. For gamers who want to experience SCUF technology and innovation in addition to design customization on their Xbox Elite Wireless Controller, simply select your feature preferences in the builder.