Top 5 Fortnite Controller Tips

Top 5 Fortnite Controller Tips

Every new Season of Fortnite brings us a whole new adventure, and this time a flood has hit us in Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 3 completely changing the map. Launched on June 17th, 2020 after a couple of delays and a cool in-game event, there are whole new aquatic aspects to learn and use to your advantage.

Get ready to gain the Victory Royale in Fortnite with these 5 Controller Tips to become a better player. 

Tip #1 - Build Faster

Everyone knows one of the unique parts of this battle royale is the building - and the faster at building you are, the bigger advantage you’ll have. We recommend turning your build sensitivity down to around 1.8 to 2.1 to have more control over the pieces you’re placing. Higher build sensitivity may make your placements messy when you’re trying to be precise but fast. In addition, use the Builder Pro controls to speed up your building. Quickly tap a paddle to enter build mode, and then while cycling through pieces, placing, and editing, you can jump at the same time to gain the high ground.

Tip #2 - Improve Your Aim

While building is definitely important to learn and master, a big part of Fortnite is still being a good shooter. Be sure to tune your sensitivity to how you like to play, but also be sure to have the best thumbsticks for your play style. It’ll not only improve your aim, but also the speed of which you aim and move. 

Players who like to use snipers will want accurate pinpoint precision when aiming, so a Tall Domed Thumbstick will benefit them. Meanwhile players who prefer shotguns are going to want accuracy, but be able to react quickly, so a Short Domed Thumbstick will work better for them.

Tip #3 - Cycle Weapons Faster

Fortnite allows you a few weapon slots to cycle through and using a SCUF allows two different ways to cycle faster during a gunfight. One option is to use your Paddle to do a quick tap during a fight without losing your movement and aim to quickly swap through. The second is using Digital TAP Bumpers which are similar to a mouse click to quickly cycle back and forth through your weapons. Remember, swapping weapons is faster than reloading if you’re low on ammo. 

Tip #4 - Loot Like a Pro

You want to loot fast, but also be organized and there are two ways to accomplish this. First, be sure to turn on Tap to Search / Interact. Now you can tap to find items and grab them instead of holding down a button and wasting precious time. Next, go through your backpack and organize your inventory in the best way for you - such as swapping between an assault rifle and shotgun instead of wasting time cycling to the weapon you want. Being a little faster and more organized could save yourself from a loss. 

Tip #5 - Use the Environment to your Advantage

Every new season brings new changes, and this season has introduced a whole new challenge: water. There is now more need to learn how move quickly across water, so boats are a more viable option. You can also water skii using a shark by fishing. While building can also help you get around, so can simple things around you. You can also hide or gain the high ground depending on the battle situation. 

Have Fun

Remember, Fortnite is always evolving how it is played, so keep practicing and stay up to date with the latest Fortnite news. 

Do you have any controller tips for Fortnite not listed here? Let us know over on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook.

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