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Valkyrie Abilities, Tips, & Tricks

Welcome to the SCUF legend guide for Valkyrie in Apex Legends. If you’re new to Apex or just looking to learn everything you can about the various playable legends in Apex Legends you’ve come to the right place.

Valkyrie is and has been one of the most popular Recon class legends within the game since her original launch with the start of Season 9, and with good reason. Valkyrie’s kit allows for some of the strongest vertical positioning tools of all the current champions while also delivering strong offensive utility and repositioning options for your whole squad.

In a game like Apex Legends where movement and positioning are key, you can’t go wrong when picking Valkyrie.The highest level Valkyrie players will learn to use all of these abilities in unison to strike hard from unexpected vantage points then reposition their squad for the next gunfight, keeping enemy teams constantly guessing where you’ll strike from next.

Read on as we break down Valkyrie’s abilities, tips and tricks to keep you at the top of the kill leaderboards, and suggestions for strong team compositions for when you’re playing with

Valkyrie Abilities

Valkyrie’s high mobility kit is themed around the jetpack built from the repurposed flight core of her father’s Northstar Titan. Valkyrie is also a Recon specialist like Pathfinder, Bloodhound, and Crypto so like them you are able to scan survey beacons to reveal the next ring location for your team. Paired with Valkyrie’s abilities you’ll be able to play aggressively with your squad as you move ring to ring, taking opportunistic gunfights as you make your way to victory.

  • Missile Swarm (Tactical) - Fires a swarm of mini-rockets that both damage and disorient opponents when hit.
  • VTOL Jets (Passive) - Jumping again mid-air activates Valkyrie's jetpack. You have a limited amount of fuel that slowly regenerates while you’re not using the jetpack.
  • Skyward Dive (Ultimate) - Activate to prepare for launch. While preparing, your teammates can hook up to you. After a second activation, you’ll take off with any teammates hooked up in tow for a dive.

Practice Valkyrie’s abilities to engage in gunfights from vantage points other teams won’t expect and use your vertical height advantage while using the VTOL Jets and Skyward Dive to ping enemy players for your squad. With a little practice the skies of Apex Legends will belong to you.

Valkyrie Tips & Tricks

While you’re playing Valkyrie keep these tips in mind to help improve your game and win more games.

  • Toggling your VTOL Jets on and off for short bursts is more effective than long bursts. You’re an easy target while using your passive so short bursts to prevent fall stun, boost movements like sliding and bunny hopping, or climbing are generally the best uses of Valkyrie’s passive.
  • Valkyrie’s jetpack doesn’t start recharging for 5 seconds once you hit the ground. If you are expecting to use your jetpack a lot mid-fight be sure to keep this in mind to maximize the fuel you have for your next jump.
  • Use Valkyrie’s tactical ability, Missile Swarm, to engage squads that are grouped up as you enter a firefight. The added disorientation effect will allow you and your squad an added layer of safety as you start the engagement.
  • Holding down fire (but not firing) your Missile Swarm while using your VTOL Jets will drastically reduce how much fuel you’re using. Use this to your advantage to get good positioning and surprise enemy players.
  • Use your Missile Swarm up close if you are looking to get the most out of the stun effect of the missiles as the stun effect lasts less than that of an Arc Star.
  • Skyward Dive is best used as a positioning tool for your whole squad. The ultimate is very overt and can separate you heavily from your team so is not optimum for flanking enemy teams.

With time and practice you’ll be dropping your squad on enemy teams from angles they never thought possible and finding yourself the kill leader more and more. Valkyrie’s high skill ceiling means there’s always room to improve as you learn the best locations for ambushes and engagements on the map.

If you’re looking to learn more about Valkyrie check out the full video transcription below, and if you’re looking for other legend guides check the links below to all of our other amazing Apex Legends content.


“Yo what's going on guys, welcome back for some more apex of legends. Today we are playing some Valkyrie and I've got a suspicion that we're going to see some nerfs come to Valkyrie very very soon.

Now let me explain why I feel that, okay so season 12 is right around the corner and at the start of each new season we always see balance changes made to the game -  right -  to legends, weapons, whatever, and normally they're going to take whatever's at the tippity top the most powerful or most popular and they will bring it down a notch and then they will take the bottom and it will bump it up and this spices the game up. It makes it feel different, right?

People are playing different legends and uh there's a reason why i think Valkyrie in particular is going to see a nerf.

For those of you that watch pro play, or ALGS, or tournaments, or anything like that you'll notice that Valkyrie has basically become one of the most popular -  I think the most popular legend alongside Gibraltar. I think Gibraltar holds the most popular pick right now but uh valkyrie is a close second.

She is wildly popular at the high levels and I think they're going to bring it down a notch. I really really do that's normally what happens so uh i'd be surprised if they didn't. We won't know for sure until season 12 is live but that is my hunch and uh we want to get a little bit of Valkyrie in beforehand so that's what we're doing today.

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