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The SCUF 4PS allows gamers to take full control of their movement in game. With 7 patents granted, and another 28 applied for, never has a SCUF Controller been so feature rich and robust; from the fully re-designed SCUF back, the innovative Electro-Magnetic-Remapping, to the SCUF Control Disc, every aspect has been designed to increase hand use, improve comfort and reduce latency in an intuitive way. Customize the function, feature, and form of your SCUF 4PS to your preferred style of gameplay and design; use more of your hand in a safe and ergonomic way and truly become the best gamer you can be!

SCUF Hook Paddles 4PS

Scuf Gaming has re-defined the way gamers use their controller with the invention and patenting of the paddle concept, back in 2011; paddles have since become the determining factor for elite and professional gamers. The SCUF 4PS allows the use of 2 paddles on the underside of your controller which will improve your hand movement and your ability to perform advanced maneuvers in-game with increased dexterity.

Every SCUF 4PS Controller includes the SCUF Hook paddles that have been re-engineered specifically for the 4PS back. These paddles mimic the allocated face buttons so you can keep your thumbs on the thumbsticks while using the back paddles with your middle fingers to perform more advanced moves. A gamer has to control over 20 functions on a controller during gameplay, only using 2 thumbs to control all of those features is outdated; the SCUF back-paddles provide an efficient and ergonomic way to control those 20 functions.

Totally Re-Engineered SCUF Back

The PS4 Controller was not originally designed to be used with paddles, this leads to problems affecting grip, comfort, and hand ergonomics. Scuf Gaming has completely re-thought the back of the controller so that gamers can have the familiarity of the standard Playstation controller while utilizing the benefits that a SCUF offers.

By optimizing the basic shape of the controller, anyone from a casual to an elite gamer can heighten their paddle gameplay safely and effectively.

EMR - Electro-Magnetic Remapping

The innovative EMR (Electro-Magnetic Remapping) technology takes your gaming flexibility to the next level – this optional feature provides on-the-fly remapping capabilities for the back paddles of your controller.

Simply place your SCUF Mag Key onto the back of the controller and reprogram your paddles by simultaneously holding the face button/function and paddle you wish to remap, and release. Never before has a SCUF controller been so flexible and easy to remap, allowing you to play any game in any way that suits your play style.

SCUF Pro Grip Handles

The SCUF 4PS includes Scuf Pro Grip as a default, for no extra charge, on every controller.

The grip is a 2-shot high-grade customizable rubber which accentuates the superior form of the re-designed SCUF back.

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Accuracy : Thumbsticks

For years SCUF has been specializing in offer you the ability to customize your controller to your style of play, look, feel, and functionality – we believe that one size certainly does not fit all! The length and shape of your thumbsticks are crucial to both hand size and play style.

SCUF offers 6 thumbstick options – Regular, Medium, and Long in Domed or Concave – that are produced using the highest-grade materials to offer an improved level of comfort, grip and flexibility.

The embossed SCUF logo on the head of the thumbstick ensures authenticity while also providing an excellent reference point. Taller thumbsticks are excellent for those with larger hands, allowing you to grip the entire controller more comfortably.

Control Disc

Exclusive to Scuf Gaming, the SCUF Control Disc improves accuracy, pinpoint control and is fully removable.

This full rotating Disc is especially good for Fighting and Sports games.

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Recognizing that no “one-size” controller fits all, Scuf Gaming pride ourselves on our ability to offer full customization for controllers across 2 key areas:


Every SCUF 4PS Controller has the option to include any feature that goes towards improving your game. From Paddles to the shape and sizes of your thumbsticks, every part of a SCUF Controller is about improving your core performance so you can become the best gamer you can be!


From our custom Imaged and Paint finishes to our slick and stylish Pro Team Controllers, SCUF offers quality design options to suit every style. LED options, Buttons, D-pad, Trim Colors, Thumbsticks, Paddle Design and more add for the perfect look to compliment you.


Gamers spend enormous amounts of time playing games – sometimes upwards of 8 hours a day. Repetitive movement of the hand with a standard controller dramatically increases the risk of hand strain and injury, such as Carpel Tunnel Syndrome or Repetitive Strain Injury. Worse still is when gamers seek that competitive advantage by using more of their hand through techniques like CLAW: this technique is a severe risk to your fingers and rapidly increases the chance of hand injuries.

The SCUF Controller was designed with this in mind; we wanted to create a controller that allowed gamers to use more of their hand in a SAFE and ERGONOMIC way. Through the addition of the back Paddles and other options, we achieved our goal and reduced the need for excessive or uncomfortable hand movement. Improve your game with the added benefit of gaming safely!

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