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Introducing Clayster

Scuf Impact Clayster

PS4 & PC

The completely re-engineered shape and ergonomics of the SCUF IMPACT are molded to fit your hands perfectly for paddle play.

Prepare for more flexing and less reaching with four paddles, interchangeable thumbsticks, adjustable triggers and much more!


About Clayster

The Clayster SCUF controller is based on the labyrinth-like logo of pro gaming legend, James “Clayster” Eubanks. Sporting a brightly colored motif against a black shell, this maze inspired design reminds the world of the incredible twists and turns that Clayster’s career has taken, as he moved from one team to another, learning and evolving as he went. This member of the Esports Collection represents the product of hard-won success, and is available on SCUF IMPACT and Infinity1 controllers.