Infinity 4PS Pro Fully Loaded PS4 Controller Sapphire

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Take your gaming to the next level with the full modular SCUF Infinity4PS PRO. Removable paddles, play wired or wireless, switch thumbsticks in seconds, fully adjust triggers and remap paddle configurations on the fly.

      Features include:
  • Sapphiure faceplate with anodized silver buttons/trim
  • Paddle Control System
  • Electro Magnetic Remapping
  • 3-in-1 Trigger Control System
  • Interchangeable Thumbstick System "Ring & Lock"
  • SCUF Military Grade Grip

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Product Details

Sapphire Fully Loaded SCUF Infinity4PS PRO Controller for PlayStation 4 & PC.

    Fully loaded gaming controller includes:
  • SCUF Paddle Control System - Keep fingers on thumbsticks while using the two (2) back paddles to perform advanced moves
  • Electro Magnetic Remapping - Remap the back paddles to most face buttons
  • SCUF 3-in-1 Trigger System - Eliminate unnecessary latency and improve accuracy
  • Interchangeable Thumbstick Ring & Lock System
  • Black SCUF Military Grade Grip
  • 2x Blue Short Trigger Covers
  • 2x Blue Regular Concave SCUF Thumbsticks
  • 2x White Rings
  • Anodized Silver Button & Trim Kit
  • Rumbles included
    What's in the Box:
  • SCUF Infinity4PS PRO Sapphire Controller
  • SCUF EMR Mag Key
  • SCUF Key 0.9mm
  • Ring & Lock Tool
  • 2x Blue Long Trigger Covers
  • Product Guide

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