Gothalion IMPACT Bundle

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With nearly 700,000 followers on Twitch and over 300,000 subs on YouTube, King Gothalion is one of the leading names in the world of Destiny streaming. Known for his outstanding commentary and technological insights, Gothalion’s fanbase is as loyal as it is wide reaching. Equipped with the innovations that have kept SCUF in the hands of over 90% of all pro players, the Gothalion SCUF IMPACT is the perfect custom controller for anyone looking to get the edge on the competition in Destiny. And with this bundle, you’ll be able to rep your favorite streamer with a limited edition t-shirt with Gothalion’s iconic logo.

This Bundle Includes:

  • - 1x Fully loaded Gothalion SCUF IMPACT with:
    • SCUF Paddle Control System (w/ 4x SCUF IMPACT paddles)
    • Electro Magnetic Remapping
    • SCUF 3-in-1 Trigger System
      • Trigger Extenders
      • Quick Shift Trigger Stops
      • Adjustable Hair Trigger
    • Black SCUF Military Grade Grip
    • Black Button & Trim Kit
    • Black SCUF Ring & Lock System
    • 2x regular SCUF black concave thumbstick
  • - 1x limited edition Gothalion t-shirt (size large)

Endorsed by the Leagues. Trusted by the Pros.