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About THE SCUF Hybrid

THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS! The SCUF HYBRID combines the familiarity of the XBOX controller with a completely re-engineered SCUF back that locks the hands in place, by offering the best shape for paddle usage in either wired or wireless variations! One-touch, fully remappable paddles for on-the-fly customization with a new, virtually indestructible 2, 3 or 4 paddle design! A Lithium-Ion battery has made the wireless version lighter and more versatile, while offering days of gameplay on a single charge. The SCUF back also improves overall durability with higher grade materials, paddle housings, and hair trigger guards. The HYBRID is designed to dramatically improve all aspects of your gameplay and enable you to become the best gamer you can be.

About SCUF Hybrid controllers - learn more

The SCUF HYBRID combines the best of Xbox's familiarity and excellence with the benefits of SCUF features. We believe in continual innovation to give Gamers the best possible products with focus in 4 areas highlighted by our cultural science SCUFology; Brain, Hand, Eye, Controller. It's only, when all these combine that we can fully cater for Pro and Elite gamers as we have done for years.

SCUF focus on hand ergonomics, comfort and improved use of the hand to increase dexterity. With all these key elements in mind we bring the SCUF HYBRID - everything you could want from a controller and more! Incorporates an ergonomically re-engineered back, which fits either a wired or wireless controller. The SCUF HYBRID has been designed to take your Game to the next level in a flexible, safe and ergonomic way! Included is a higher-grade strength back with incorporated SCUF Grip options, paddle housing and hair trigger guards.

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